Quick & Easy Ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

We are so busy in our lives that we often tend to miss out on our health. Especially in this Covid-19 situation, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a must to boost your immunity. This article highlights some of the common health problems and how to deal with them along with some useful tips and tricks.

How to stay fit and active all day?

It’s a popular saying “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight“. But it should be “Don’t try to lose weight, try to gain fitness“. People don’t focus on being fit, rather focusing on losing fat. And that is where we all go wrong. Our goal should be to get more fit day by day.

Why do people want to lose weight? Why are people trying different diets to reduce their fat? Is it really needed? Have you ever thought if it is helpful for your body or not? What and how to gain fitness? Let’s ponder over some points today!


As it is always said, be smart about your food. You have to think and choose wisely what you eat on your entire day. Because your fitness depends 70% on diet and 30% on exercise. Get rid of all the packaged food you have and prefer eating homemade food. Because even if it says zero sugar, zero calories, zero fat, it is processed food and that is not good for your body.


This is something many of us practice, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. It is very dangerous for our stomach and our body. We normally do it so that the food is not wasted. The best way to eat is to eat in intervals, i.e. eat every 2 hours. And eat half of what you used to eat. This way you will be able to digest everything and it won’t get stored as fat in your body. Observe your eating habits and measure the amount you eat, only cook that much. You can give away the leftover food to stray dogs or cows, don’t let it upset your stomach.


You should try to give up your bed tea and coffee as it makes your stomach dull and digestive system weak. You must start your day with lots of water, fruits, and a heavy breakfast. After breakfast, you can have your tea or coffee. But try to even avoid that as caffeine is not good, no matter what time you take it, plus it’s addictive. Avoid all packaged foods like cakes, biscuits, pizza, burgers, fries, etc.


  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Serve half of what you eat.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Eat slowly with all your senses.
  • For a few minutes, stay where you are after finishing.


  • Have your breakfast between 7 am to 10 am.
  • Eat something within an hour of waking up.
  • Eat within 3 hours of cooking food.
  • Eat every 2 hours.
  • Eat dinner before 2 hours of sleep.


  • Eat fruits as a whole, instead of cutting and making juice.
  • Eat what you have been eating from your childhood.
  • Eat local, i.e. whatever is famous in your place.
  • Eat your dessert between your meal and not after it.
  • Eat food while having alcohol. Don’t have it empty stomach.


Many of us are already aware that stress is one of the reasons to gain fat. Not just fat, it leads to many other health problems. If you dream of a lean body, you should stay calm in all situations. Because a calm state of mind prevents the conversion of food to fat. When you are stress-free, your body is able to digest food easily hence, it doesn’t store it as fat.


It’s a saying “Early to bed, Early to rise“. We all have learned it in our schools, but rarely any of us follow. Waking up early is actually good, as it keeps you active all day. Many of you will agree because we feel lethargic all the time due to our sleeping schedule. The best time to sleep is 10 pm – 5 am. But it is not quite possible for many of us. That is okay, but make sure to maintain your body clock, i.e., sleep and wake up at a fixed time regularly. Also, Fix your eating schedule. So your body is aware of your eating and sleeping timing.


Of course last but not least, you need to practice both innercise and exercise to maintain your fitness and mental peace. You should exercise for at least 3-4 hrs in a week to maintain your body and fitness.

Physical – As you are already aware, to enhance or maintain your physical fitness, you can practice any one of the following physical exercises daily: yoga, jogging, dancing, swimming, skipping, playing any sport, boxing, aerobics, Zumba, etc.

Mental – For mental health, one can always opt for meditation. Some of the other ways are reading, listening to music, planting trees, healthy communication, improving your sleep schedule, a positive attitude, less stress, and more gratitude, distancing yourself from things that don’t make you happy, anger management, etc.

Emotional – For emotional health, one can try activities like responding instead of reacting, listening to others carefully, understanding the perspective of another person, by self-awareness (knowledge of your own character and feelings) you can evaluate and improve yourself, accepting & laughing at your own mistakes, expressing your feelings, pampering yourself once in a while, etc.

List of healthy food items

FOOD TYPEWhy to eat?What to have?What to avoid?
CARBSProvide energy, helps in functioning of brain cell & neurons.Brown rice, jowar, barley, bajra, nachni, legumes, dals, whole wheat.Bread, Biscuit, Alcohol
PROTEINIt helps in building and repairing your body.Paneer, Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt, Tofu, Sprouts, Lentils, Nuts.
FATIt helps our body to survive in bad days by using the stored fat.Ghee, Peanuts,Cheese, Paneer, Milk, Coconut, Milk Products, Rice brain oil.Packed food like cake, biscuit, pizza, burger, fries.
VITAMIN ASupport immune system & improve eye sight.Milk, Leafy Veggies, Orange
VITAMIN DAids calcium absorptionSunlight
VITAMIN EIt acts as a Powerful oxidant for our body.Veg oil like corn or sunflower, nuts, whole grain, tomato.
VITAMIN KHelps if you suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding.Leafy veggies, green peas, green tea, oats, whole grain.
VITAMIN CIt helps reduce stress.Citrus fruits or vitamin C tablets.Avoid cutting fruits before eating.
VITAMIN BTo increase your B12.Curd, cheese, butter milk.
CALCIUMTo strengthen your bones.Green veggies, nuts.
IRONIt provides energy & helps in transferring blood to all parts of body.Lentils, Tofu, Cashews, Spinach, Whole grain.Reduce intake of caffeine and sweets.

Hope you find it useful.

What are your secrets to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Let me know in the comment section.


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November 25, 2020 at 7:55 am

A must read, specially useful during this time to build up our immunity. Thanks!!

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