How I made this lockdown an investment to earn money quickly?

Are you also bored at home? Do you also need some change? Are you also looking for some motivation? Want to do something new?

Well! Today I will share with you one story that might help you see a whole other side of this phase. And the story is about none other than me. As we are at the end of 2020, I thought, why not share my own story with you guys and help you end your 2020 with positivity and gratitude.

Okay!! So let’s begin.

Now, as you know, this pandemic has changed our lives. It has locked us all in our own houses, and we don’t know for how long this is going to last. So, about six months back, when I was also bored, wanted something new, I thought why not, make the most of this time. Everyone thought that this would affect us financially negatively; I thought of investing my time to get a financial backup, sort of like a side business. But since I was new, with no knowledge of anything. I started to check videos on youtube for extra income. Since I wanted to start with zero money and zero investment, I decided to start my youtube channel, “Miss TecHack.”

After college, I had created one channel and posted three documentaries, but then, I didn’t think of it as a source of income. So I made a few changes, searched and came up with a new name, renamed it, thought about what knowledge I can share on the youtube channel, and started creating videos about the same. First, I have started with the basic one, which is how to record the laptop screen.
Frankly, I enjoyed creating videos. I used to create one video daily and upload it. I gradually learned about thumbnails, tags, end screens, I cards, intros, and outros. And that’s how my youtube journey took off.
Regardless to say, if you are enjoying my story, if I inspire you in any way and would like to see more of me, do subscribe to my channel Miss Techack.

Okay so Since, youtube is a long time business and takes time to grow. So, I thought, let’s try something along with youtube. Again I was looking for something free. So, I started my blog on Blogger as WebsiteChef. You can visit it at

As Blogger is free of cost, I was trying everything I can. It’s an excellent start for you as well. If you are interested, there’s a whole playlist created on the same; check on my youtube channel.

When I started, I had a different name as I was new; I used to post mixed content like the one about life, another about blogging, and another about coding. So it was all messed up. And frankly, it wasn’t the right way, so I had to be niche specific to target the correct audience. So I decided to separate these blog posts on different sites. And that is why now WebsiteChef contains some articles that might help you if you are new to blogging as I have written down all learnings of the blogging journey. It includes knowledge of both Blogger and WordPress.

So, why I landed up in the blogging world is because I like to write and talk about things that can motivate people, society, life, and how we can bring the change we want. Later, I researched and decided to create a blog to write down my thoughts, and Since I wanted to try a new platform, I started my blog using WordPress as Sanitize Your Soul. That is the one you are on. Now, of course, WordPress is not free of cost. If you are confused about picking, Blogger, or WordPress, check the video on Miss TecHack. But Frankly, I decided to invest money when I was sure I wanted to do it professionally, and I started enjoying it. It’s up to you, but if you ask me, for beginners, Blogger is the best.

While creating this one, I have learned a lot about WordPress and Blogging, SEO, about Google Ads, so to sum up all my learnings, I have posted some articles on my blog Website Chef. I have posted WordPress learning videos on youtube as well while designing my blog. There was so much to learn, and it is incredible how you can customize your website with such ease to any extent you want.

I already had some articles which I have posted on Blogger before, so I took them, modified them, and posted them on Sanitize your soul using WordPress. Everything about life, love, job, health, anything that is generic is discussed over there. I have also provided an option where you can decide about my topic for the next blog post. If you are interested, check out the spin wheel on the home page and determine my next topic.

Being a java developer, I was interested in sharing my knowledge with you guys and helping you learn java basics to get started. So along with sharing my knowledge on youtube, I decided to create my website using WordPress. I have shared almost everything a beginner needs to know. And I keep adding the content whenever I get time, So feel free to visit it at
and also provide your feedback if you think any topic is missing and should be added over there.

Here you will find all the basics of programming and java, including interview questions, video tutorials, and much more. For the same purpose, I have started a Java Tutorial Series on youtube as well. It will have around 15 videos, and currently, I have posted 3-4 videos of the same. If you are watching my Java series, do comment and let me know if you need any video improvements, like the speed or details and all. I will bring those changes in my next videos.

After starting two blogs, one website, and one youtube channel, I created my Instagram and Facebook handles to connect with you guys more. So I have two accounts, @letsimply and @misstechack. Do check and follow if you find some interesting and useful content over there.

During my journey, I have learned a lot about blogging, So I have also published a course on Udemy for people who want professional training, QnA sessions, practical assignments, and a certificate in blogging. You can check it out here and dm me for a free coupon to enroll it free.

Yeah!! That is all; this is how I have utilized my lockdown entirely and made it an investment for a better future. There is nothing like a bad situation; you have to deal with the situation correctly to bring out its best. And that’s what I did.

Well, I would also suggest you guys start something today itself as this will be our future world. And If you liked my story, if I inspired you, please support me, subscribe to my youtube channel and visit my blogs, subscribe to my blogs, visit my website; it will be a great help for me. All I need is your support and love and feedback, of course.

And with this, I would like to end this article. What is your lockdown story? Would you like to spread some positivity before 2020 ends? Then, do write your thoughts in the comment section.

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Thank you so much. Have a great day!

Now is the time for a change

November 25, 2020