Now is the time for a change

Are you having second thoughts about switching your job?

The one question that every working person deals with is the right time to switch a job? Followed by a few more questions like – Is it too early to switch? Will it affect my impression in the next job? Will I get another one quickly? How much can I demand in my next company? And the list goes on. Especially when dealing with a pandemic where losing a job or switching a job seems like a nightmare.

Let’s begin.

How to decide when to switch?

Well, here are a few points one should consider –

  • You are not enjoying your work
  • You think you are paid less than your effort
  • You are not very well respected at your workplace
  • The company doesn’t offer any job security
  • The pressure is affecting your mental health

In short, there’s no right time to do anything. If you keep waiting for the right time, you will always wait. If you feel like doing it, go for it.

How long to stay in a company before switching?

We have heard a lot that if you leave a company before completing a year, it’s difficult to find another job. Well, it’s not true. There is no fixed time to cover. From my personal experience, I have switched my job twice without completing a year in any of them, and I have not felt or found any difficulty while searching for the next one. Yes! of course, you will be asked “why you left so early” type of questions. You have to deal with them. If you have a valid reason, fair enough; else, prepare a valid reason for it. And you are good to go.

Will switching, again and again, affect my impression in the next job?

Well!! It matters how you are handling it and why you are doing it. It is not okay to switch every 2-3 months. That is going to affect your impression for sure. Switch it only if it’s necessary and you agree with any of the points we discussed before. Just be prepared to deal with such questions with answers that can validate why you did it, and it doesn’t look that bad to the interviewer.

How much time will you need to get another job?

It all depends on your efforts and luck. You have to keep trying. Apply for jobs daily; don’t miss a call. Some interviews will not go very well in the beginning, but you will learn their pattern of asking questions, and you will be prepared next time. Just remember to apply your knowledge and to learn from the previous interview to crack the next one! And you will soon find another job.

How to change your domain while switching a job?

If you are not happy with your domain, suppose you are in the testing domain, and you wish to move into the development domain. Now, it’s not entirely difficult. All you need to do is get yourself prepared for it. Learn a programming language, learn to code, create a project of yours, prepare a resume where you can showcase your skills and your work history as a developer. Now, if you want to switch, there is no need to frame a development background or work history, but if you are looking for a raise, that is the only way. Make yourself look like a developer, prepare well for the interview, and carry the important thing that is confidence.

How much can you demand in the next company?

Know your strength and capabilities and demand accordingly. Only you know what’s your worth and how much you deserve. Always remember to claim for high as they will offer you a little less than what you demand. But do it logically, not like your current package is three, and you are asking them for 13; that’s not going to work unless you are talented and have a great skill set and experience. Finally, make sure that you sound pretty confident about what you are asking them to offer you.

Is it okay to switch in this pandemic?

Well, I would say if you have one, stick to it as long as possible. But yes, if it becomes unbearable, go for it. During this time, if you decide to switch, you have to be patient while searching for a job as it is going to take a little longer to find one during this time. But it doesn’t mean you should suffer in the wrong place. Again, telling you from my personal experience, it is okay to switch during this time. It’s okay to take a break, spend time with family, prepare yourself well, and again start your hunt.

How to deal with family and friends?

We all are aware of the peer pressure we have from our closed ones. They will ask you plenty of questions and might also say something intentionally or unintentionally that might hurt you. And that’s quite natural with the mentality we all have grown up in, that’s – Work is equal to your worth. If you don’t have any work, people think you are worthless. Well, that’s not true; it’s just their perspective. But make sure you don’t let that come in your way. It’s your life, your job, your health, and your peace. Sometimes, you need to think about yourselves and what is right for you. Everything falls in place.

In the end, all that matters is “Not losing hope.” Do not give up, no matter what happens. It’s just a phase; this, too, shall pass. No matter what happens, tell yourself everything is okay and start again.

And never be afraid of change. Switching job helps you have new experiences, and you get to learn new things. Change is always good for any individual’s growth. As said – “Change is the only constant in our life.

I have covered only the basic queries that we have generally while switching a job. What is stopping you from your next switch? Do write me down in the comment section.

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Thank you so much. Have a great day!


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